CLRA Emerging Trends II

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CLRA Emerging Trends II

In continuation of the Summary Record of Discussion of the 44th Session of the Standing Labour Committee held on 17th October, 2011 at New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, Union Minister of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The national level tripartite meeting was attended by senior level functionaries of Central Trade Union Organizations, Employers‟ Organizations, State Governments and Central Ministries and Departments.This part has many important issues relevant to CLRA which were discussed.

Shri Sudarshan Sareen, Vice president, All India Manufacturers‟ Organization raised an important question regarding the permanency of workers in seasonal industries and pointed out the fact that it is difficult to make such workers permanent due to the seasonal nature of their occupation. Another issue addressed by him was the equal pay for regular and contract workers. In this context, he opined that the increase in quality of production would ultimately lead to increase in wages in case of some regular workers and such a situation would lead to discrepancy in the wages of both regular and contract labourers.

Shri Chandrashekhar Sahu, Labour Minister, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, in his address, highlighted efforts of the State Government to bring improvement in the conditions of contract labour. He informed the house that the state government has already started giving wages to the contract labourers through banking institutions. He further informed that approximately 60 percent of contract labourers in industry have started receiving their wages through banks and the government is planning to link the remaining 40 per cent workers with the banking system in near future. He further pointed out that Chhattisgarh government is also working towards registration of contract labour by issuing them with identity cards etc., where details of their nature of work and working hours would be mentioned.

Shri B. N. Bachegowda, Labour Minister, Govt. of Karnataka highlighted the following points:

(i) A circular has been issued to all Officers, Senior Labour Inspectors to implement the Contract Labour (regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 and (Karnataka) Rules, 1974 in letter and spirit.

(ii) A notification has been issued specifying wage rates, holidays, hours of work and other conditions of service in case of workmen employed by a contractor and perform same or similar kind of work as the workmen directly employed by the principal employer.

(iii) Karnataka State Contract Labour Advisory Board has been constituted, and is functioning since 1991.

(iv) To make payments to contract workers through bank is an issue which needs amendment to above said Act/Rules.

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