Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Story and Stats

2 years ago I missed the Howrah bound train somehow, and me and my sister had to travel in a general bogie out of choice.

8 Year Old Boy Is Alone
Nishar (Lablu being his nickname) , digs deeper in to an almost empty packet of the Britannia chocolate cake while I wonder where his mother or father or sister or brother or anyone else would be. As the only child in the general compartment I asked him where is he heading to. “To work in a bidi factory,” the answer came.

Who was taking him – he doesn’t know. Like most people get off trains, he gets down too in a village in Bihar. Like most people look hassled in the platform, he does too.

But, Like most people might have a place they might refer to as home in the village when they arrive, Lablu doesn’t.

I tried contacting the number he provided, but the number does not work anymore.

  • One may wonder if this is a case of human trafficking?
  •  Was Nishar hijacked and kept in the train?
  • Did somebody kidnap him once he reached space A and get him somewhere to work? Somewhere?

Thousands and thousands of people (children, women , men) are stacked together every day to be trafficked, exploited to work for factories , mills and “participate” in the flesh trade. It is contestable to say that nobody knows whether they are turned into terrorists or something more frightening? What happened to Nishar is unknown, but can we find out more such Nishar’s, when we move and report it as reponsible citizens?

The above story is an one off incident, and we come across such cases almost everyday, or at least look at underaged children working in pathetic conditions.
What is laughable is a disturbing truth and unfortunately, the fact is scarier than it looks.

According to a government release, the Union Ministry of Labour has been implementing the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) scheme across 266 districts in India for rehabilitation of children rescued/withdrawn from work purposes. Under this Project, children who are withdrawn from workplaces are enrolled in the schools, where they are provided with special education, nutrition, stipend, vocational training, health care, etc. These children are inducted in mainstream life after inducting a formal education.

The release reads that almost 8.52 lakh children have been rehabilitated since inception of the NCLP Scheme but is this the truth or is the government and hundreds of NGO’s working for or towards betterment of Children working under pitiable situations?

According to the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 any person/organisation who employs a child in any occupation or process where employment of children is prohibited, is liable for punishment with imprisonment or both . The fine ranges between Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- and a minimum of a jail term of three months. As per available information, 22092 persons have been prosecuted for violating the provisions of the Act, during last three year while 3049 were convicted and 12 sent to Jail.

Child Labour Trivia

Child labourers can be divided broadly in ten sectors.

I Cultivation

II. Agricultural Labour

III. Livestock, Forestry, Fishing, Plantation

IV. Mining and Quarrying

V. Manufacturing, Processing, Servicing and Repairs

VI. Construction

VII. Trade and Commerce

VIII. Transport, Storage and Communication

IX. Matches, Fireworks and Explosives

Famous Indian Cities and Child Labour

  1. Glass and Bangles- Ferozabad
  2. Beedi Making- Nizamabad, North Arcot District
  3. Carpet Making- Bhadoi, Varanasi , Mirzapur , Jammu and Kashmir
  4. Lock-making- Aligarh
  5. Brassware- Moradabad
  6. Export Oriented Garment Industry- Tiruppur
  7. Gem Polishing Export Industry- Jaipur, Rajasthan
  8. Slate Mines and Manufacturing Units- Markkapur
  9. Leather Units- Agra , Kanpur , Durg, Rajasthan
  10. Diamond Industry- Surat

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Author – Bonisha Bhattacharyya, edited by LiG Reporter

Photo Source : youthsession DOT blogspot