Court Judgment: Unani and Ayurveda Doctors can Perform Surgery


 In July 2010, a court judgment by the Madras High Court held that those who are registered practitioners in Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani are eligible to conduct surgery. It was held that these qualified practitioners can practice obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, ENT and ophthalmology. 

Court Judgment: No Action against Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Doctors

The court judgment pertained to a contempt of court petition filed by the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Graduates Association (TNSMGA). The petitioner appealed that Director-General of Police, Letika Saran, to be penalized for disobeying the High Court order passed in 2006.
The aforementioned order restrained the DGP from intervening with the professional practice of physicians who had valid registration and certification issued by the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council. Such registered physicians are eligible to practice as Siddha Medical Practitioners, under the provisions of the Indian Medicine Central Council Act.
Following the order, the government’s Principal Secretary had conveyed this order to the DGP as it is applicable to Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani doctors who are registered with the Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine. It was also conveyed that they can practice their respective domains along with Allopathy medicine but they cannot practice Allopathy alone.
The TNSMGA’s advocate, S. Prabakaran, stated that the court’s order was violated, as several members of the TNSMGA were arrested, for prescribing allopathic drugs.
Justice F.M. Ibrahim Kalifulla stated that the any action taken against the registered practitioners, of Siddha, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Unani, should be dropped immediately. While passing the order Justice Kalifulla, referred to the circular issued by the government, in consonance with the section 17(3) B, of the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970. The circular authorized institutionally qualified practitioners of Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy to practice the respective systems, along with allopathic medicine.  

  1. Dr.Alok Kumar Khan

    Surgery on a person needs high knowledge and skill with experience and responsibility totake decision for proper diagnosis preoperative care and operation with a team of experts and post operative care to make him fit to go to normal or acceptable life. Allopathy surgeons needs to achive this quality by passing ten subjects of M.Sc standard in M.B.B.S.course then few yrs experience and tough post grad. entrance exam. then Master of Surgery degree to achive then to have sufficient experience to prove him as responsible surgeon in society still he remains under control and supervision of M.C.I./criminal/judicial court.consumer forum etc but if any state govt/Central govt. by law allow any br. of medicine to do all types sugery without sufficient knowledge&experience then they are playing with the life of citizens against constitution

  2. even ayurved graduates have to go thru entrance exams and do the 3 year post graduation or specialisation in surgery. it is the course conducted by various universities like muhs, nishik, maharashtra. other universities all over india might be conducting the similar courses. if the ayurvedic surgeons cant perform the surgeries, i feel, the course should be baneed. if they can they must be given the best training which is required for an efficient surgeon. this thing shouls be made clear as soon as possible for many students pass out MS surgery exams in ayurveda every year

  3. actually ayurvedic doctors are spreading wrong propaganda, that ayur drugs have no side effect. anything ,any material ,particle ,beyond its limits are dangerous. even if you inhale 100% oxygen its harmful. so basically what matters is the dose of the drug. ayurvedic doctors show a hype that they have ‘magic’ jadibooti that may cure dreadful disease like cancer, aids. these doctors are wasting the precious time when patients can get relief from surgeries or allopathic drugs.
    they dont come up and tell what content they r using. comon tell the world, have a patent, take the credit but please dont fool someone who is in a real agony of life and misery. i really had very bad experience..
    how can we people expect to open our expensive cars engine by a mechanic who’s work is just to decorate the interiors of our car?
    every branch of medicine has some its specialization. so i kindly request all the ayurvedic doctors to practice only ayurvedic which you have really studied.


    i do practice allopath as well as ayurved as per need of the patient .but i c that u r appreciating mbbs doctors a lot. half of them are thru reservation. i am in a govt hosp where i have seen mbbs dr dont know HAEMOGLOBIN kisme jada hota hain male or female.medicolegal banana nahi aata.treating a patient for mumps,where as it was surgical emphysema.come 2 dehra dun and see vaidya bal indu treating leukaemia from ayurvedic medicines and been awarded by president.uttrakhand is having 75 %hilly area served by bams doctors

  5. Dr. Mukesh D Jain

    More strict regulations are necessary!
    BAMS Ayurvedic doctors in their professional courses were taught Ayurveda with modern medicines. Some BAMS doctors good knowledge about Allopathy too. Currently BAMS doctors are encouraged to use modern medical science for diagnosing the health condition only and not treating.

    Most BAMS Ayurvedic doctors are found practicing modern medicines in most of the parts of India. Practicing modern medicine for Ayurvedic doctors in modern day has always been a controversial issue in India.

    As far as medical professional practice is concerned in India, currently no ayurvedic practitioner can successful without support of modern science including usage of emergency drugs and diagnostics methods. It is also true that no allopathic practitioner can be successful without using natural resources and healthy eating’s and life style measures.

    Government should be carefully responsible before giving registration to health care practitioners and permitting them with their medico-legal rights to open their clinics and do professional practices.

    As far as Surgery is concerned, more strict regulations are necessary and should never be allowed without proper qualification and expertise. The “malpractices of doctors” should be controlled with tough hand, effective “Lokpal” and severe penalty.

    The public illness is managed by doctors and the “doctors illness” should be managed by police.

  6. our country Sri lanka is much luckier for not having so many versatile quacks. Shivers running down my spine when i see your practitioners of other systems than alopathy can perform surgery !How far they can cut?My god there will be no end!They will cut your heart,lungs, and end up at brain.That is butchery ! not surgery !Our country is blessed with truly qualified surgeons i.e. MS ,FRCS and nothing less.Even MBBS won’t perform anything other than minor surgery such as suturing a wound or excision of a cyst. Mind you that also not their forte.As far as possible they send the patient to the nearby state hospital I wish we don’t encounter that type of quackery in our country.I simply cant imagine a practitioner of other system is capable of getting the skill of a surgeon, Gyn & Obs, Eye surgeon, cardiothoracic surgeon,ENT surgeon etc. unless they follow the grualling path of a basic degree in alopathy followed by almost 7 years of post graduate training in the right atmosphere that is in a teaching hospital.God bless your patients cut by so called practitioners of ayurveda,siddha,unani & homoeopathy !

  7. Dr. Kamayani Shukl, M. S. (yu)Anonymous

    Surgery in world was first introduced by Ayurveda. this is my humble request to all people, that before commenting on this topic, please go through Ayurveda, read out Sushruta Samhita, and decide. how can you stop followers of the father of surgery from performing surgeries.

  8. i just read all the comments, its clear from the above comments regarding difference in opinion, am an ayurvedic doctor from kerala and had completed my graduation from goverment college in kerala and i got admission after getting top merit rank 1450, and i belive i was eligible to study a medical course. my simple question to all, do u people consider ayurveda as a system of medicne, from my experience we here in kerala practise ayurveda as per classics and have a good result in almost all cases we manage, there are many cases where ayurveda fails. same too with the condition with allopathy. but if we take statistics the sucess rate is more with allopathy in infectious diseases and in surgical conditions,emergency care, regarding ayurveda its main line of management is restricted to some departments due to different factors( scarcity of drugs, misconcept regarding ayurveda, lack of awareness and pharmaco kinetics). why these people argue only because of igo, my simple opinion is give respect and take respect. if you r a doctor you should know how to save the life of person without considering system of medicne. if you want to say your opinion about ayurveda keep going through indian history and then say the opinion. dont give opinion without knowing or simply from some literature. my opinion is if you are a doctor you should get basic skills in all types of management and most modern medication along with your own countries medical system. dont say its an unscientific, idiot thing, it had made life to your forfathers.

  9. Ayurveda doctors are NOT allowed to practise allopathy?
    Why ? Answer is here –
    1. Their syllabus does not include Allopathic medicine (they only read it as an extra curricular activity)
    Gazette notified copy of syllabus is attached. Slide 40
    (Their syllabus do not include allpathic training/exams)
    2. Judiciary had made it clearly evidenced it in may judgements
    See the slides 25 to 28. After which there is no suspicion.
    All previous notiifcation and orders before this were quashed
    3. CCIM has also accepted these facts (See slide 22)
    Aur kitne saboot chahiyee – puri presentation dekh kar suiside mat kar lena

  10. Dr.Ghanshyam A.Umre

    Why Ayurvedic Vaidhya BAMS are taking support of Allopathy Medicine unlawfully. Does ayurveda is not having capacity to treat and cure the patients? if it is then why not BAMS colleges being Shut down.

  11. Dr Syed Shahid Ali

    I hav diploma of homoeopathy nd fazil e tibb ell jarahat from pakistan nd 8 the tim iam 4th year student of Bechlor of eastrin medicine surgery can i do surgry i hav expereanc since 15 year as a surgean asisstan , or sugest me for post graduation

  12. i have full copy of article 2e ; which clear states that a bams doctor can practice allopathy lawfully except in states of goa karnataka and gujarat.the fact u have mentioned is true but rule have been changed .and rascals who say bams doctors dont have talent /skill how many mbbs doctors have talent as many are there bcoz of donation or caste .gaand mein dum hai na to merit se select hote;

  13. sir please dont do argue with each other, it is a very big issue, bt u are all an indians so why are u debating on this topic, both pathies r so good, allopath can cure emergencies better than ayurveda, bt ayurveda can cure chronic diseases without any side-effects, so it would b better if we use allopathic drugs+ayurved drugs for better results, then we indian peoples can gain much better respect rather than to fight with our own brothers & sisters… so we should respect our indian medicine & try to cooperate with other pathies rather than to defame it…….

  14. dr raviprakash


  15. Dear all,
    This is not a matter is that,who is better?Allopathy or Ayurveda?
    Both are the part of medical science ,either ancient or modern.
    Don’t quarrel with each other,both have some efficacy and error.
    Firstly we all are doctors and duty to save life of human being carefully.

    so we must be do our duty on the basis of our respective domains,but we can give and take suggestion with each other for better treatment.

  16. Dear all,
    This is not a matter is that,who is better?Allopathy or Ayurveda?
    Both are the part of medical science ,either ancient or modern.
    Don’t quarrel with each other,both have some efficacy and error.
    Firstly we all are doctors and duty to save life of human being carefully.

    so we must be do our duty on the basis of our respective domains,but we can give and take suggestion with each other for better treatment.