Global News: Have Honor Killings Spread to the UK?


In August 2010, global news reports indicate that a Briton taxi driver Gul Wazir and his wife Niaz Begum were brutally killed in Pakistan. The Wazirs, who resided in Birmingham, were killed for aborting the marriage of their daughters.

Global News: Village Assembly Decides, Honor Killing Follows 

According to global news reports, the Wazirs and their son were on a trip to Pakistan, where they received a marriage proposal for their daughters, from Wazir’s Pakistan-based brother Noor, for his sons. However, Wazir’s daughters disagreed as they were concerned about the cultural differences and language barriers. Following their refusal, the marriage was called off but it was discussed in detail in a village assembly at Salehana, a remote village in Pakistan. The village assembly directed the Wazirs to pay a compensation equivalent to £18,800, to the nephews. Both the parties agreed to the decision of the village assembly.

However, two days later, the Wazir couple was attacked by three men at the house where they were staying. There are allegations that Wazir’s nephew Rehman was one of the killers. However, Wazir’s son, Mehboob Alam survived the attack, which is now being reported in Britain as a barbaric, honor killing attack.

Global News: Families Should Think About their Children’s Future 

According to global news reports, the Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood referred to this revenge attack as an incident of honor killing. He reiterated that parents should have detailed discussions with their children, before fixing their marriages and that when children refuse to be part of such arrangements, they risk the danger of being perceived as insulting their relatives.

Councilor, Eileen Ansar of the Pendle Borough Council, expressed grave concern about the practice of marrying off British women abroad. The practice of marrying off well educated British girls, with uneducated Pakistani men is not correct, she stated. Further, Ansar said that these British girls are often forced to accept such proposals to save their family honor. However, Eileen Ansar pointed out that the parents of these young women should consider their well being and safety before deciding their future without their consent. 

As per other global news reports, another incident of honor killing took place in May 2010 when Mohammad Yousaf, his wife, Pervaze and daughter Tanya, from Nelson, Lancashire, were killed in a village near Gujarat. The killing is reportedly due to the tensions surrounding the marital difficulty that rose between their son and his cousin who was to be married to him. Clearly, the grave concern is not about the increase in honor killings alone but the rigid mindset of a highly indifferent society that seems to believe in the legitimacy of honor killings beyond geographical boundaries.

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