Launch of Law Case Pendency Reduction Drive-TWO Starts from July

 India Legal News:  Owing to the success of phase one, a fresh initiative of ‘Pendency Reduction Drive’ has been initiated by the Law and Justice department this week. Pendency of Cases – phase 2 was started by Shri Salman Khurshid and it will last between 1st July 2012 to 31st December 2012. Khurshid launched the drive from the Karnataka High Court, Bengaluru.  The Law & Justice department headed by Dr. Salman Khurshid  requested Chief Justices of all the High Courts to undertake this drive. In an official letter to all Chief Justices, Shri Khurshid said that during this campaign the minister has urged to focus on the marginalised sections of society and under-trials.

Substantial Grants and Pendency drive a Success?
Enough funds are available with the state under the grants sanctioned under 13th Finance Commission, said the Law minister. The funds, Salman Khurshid added, can be used to create of special courts and ADR centres. The objective is ultimately achieving reduction in pendency of cases.  Salman pointed out in a letter to fill existing vacancies on priority. The law ministry approved Rs 935 Crore  For E-Courts.
The drive from Bombay High Court, Mumbai will also begin this week. The results of last year’s drive have been outstanding. Apart from a net reduction of 6 lakh cases in subordinate courts before 2011, the Madras High Court Cleared Over 2.36 lakh Cases in 2011 alone. A reverse, where there was an increase in pendency by about 5 Lakh cases from the end of the year 2009 -2010. The Bombay High Court informed that pendency of cases in courts across Maha has come down by 50.60 lakh cases in past two years.
A significant reduction of over 1.36 lakh pending cases concerning minors, senior citizens, disabled and the vulnerable/ marginalised sections of the  society. There are still about 3 crore pending cases waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and according to PRS, 42 lakh cases are pending in various High Courts. Out of the given numbers approximately 9% of these are pending for more than 10 years.  Independent blogger Kalyan writes on his blog that the All India Judicial Commission should hire Judges on par with the Union Public Service Commission 
The Author of this post is Palash Das, Editor, Lawisgreek 
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