Markandey Katju is the New Chairman, Press Council of India

 India Legal News: The Government today announced the nomination of Justice Markandey Katju, retired judge of the Supreme Court of India as the Press Council of India’s Chairman.

Katju’s contribution in the legal hemisphere was immense. Read this blog. Katju, after practicing law in the Allahabad High Court, he was appointed Judge of the Allahabad High Court in 1991he became the Chief Justice of Madras High Court in Nov. 2004, the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in Oct. 2005 and finally the Judge of the Supreme Court of India in April 2006. He retired last month on Sept. 19’ 2011. Justice Markandey Katju has written several books which include publications such as ‘Law in the Scientific Era’, ‘Interpretation of Taxing Statutes’, ‘Mimansa Rules of Interpretation’, ‘Domestic Enquiry’.
Markandey Katju has strong views on the kind of journalism being practised and preached. In an editorial titled – Freedom of the press and journalistic ethics article on The Hindu, he has stressed specifically on responsible reporting and quality journalism from the top to the end. His excepts, "Freedom is important, so is responsibility. In countries like India, the media have a responsibility to fight backward ideas such as casteism and communalism, and help the people fight poverty and other social evils."

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