Trade Union: How to Register Trade Unions in India?

A trade union can be made permanent and stable only if it is registered under the Trade Union Act. A registered trade union enjoys various privileges, benefits and immunities, and therefore, most sponsors of a trade union are tempted to register it. After registration, a trade union is entitled to represent its members.

Trade Union in India: Procedure for Registration of a Union

As per Section.4 of the Trade Union Act, a minimum of 10 members of a trade union shall apply for registration, with the total number of members being 100 or less. In all other cases, at least seven members of a union shall apply for registration.

However, in cases where less than half the number of applicants who originally applied for registration withdraw their membership from the union after submitting the application of registration, the application shall not be considered invalid.

The application shall be submitted in Form A to the Registrar along with the rules of the union and other mandatory details, such as name of the trade union, names, addresses and occupations of the applicants and the office bearers and address of the main office of the trade union.

As per Section.6 of the Trade Union Act, a trade union cannot be registered unless it adheres to the provisions of the Act. Here are some mandatory rules to be satisfied by a trade union to be eligible for registration:

  • Name of the Trade Union.
  • Objectives of its establishments
  • The lawful purpose of spending the general funds
  • Maintenance of list of members, sufficient facilities for its scrutiny by the office bearers and union members.
  • Payment of monthly membership fee of 25 paise
  • Safe custody of funds
  • Conduction of annual audits

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  1. we are the group of teacher of affliated CBSE school we want to be make an assosiation as union of teacher so how can we registered and what expenditure and time will it be take

  2. Ours is an Urban Cooperative Bank however many senior executives who are just a rank below CEO have formed a union and senior executives are office bearers of trade union. The union was registered under false affidivit since the formation of union the executives have stalled progress of the Bank. Bank is a financial institution is such union legal.

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  4. Dr. Himanshu Shekhar

    Whether there is any duration/period specified for validity of registration of workers union? Whether once registered is permanently registered? Whether provision of revision/renewal of registration exists? How to check the situation, if at the time of original registration, the signature of adequate number of workers were obtained and now the number depleted because most of the signatories joined other organization?

  5. iam a photo studio owner and dont want to join the pohoassociation but the association makes pressur to join them . they stoped my currior service and there for icant get prints .iam in tesion any legal right ihave to get ride of it.