About LIG

Great things happen simply. LawIsGreek.com (LIG) began with a dream to simplify laws on a range of topics for laypersons. Launched in February 2010, LawIsGreek.com (LIG) is a bold endeavor to simplify law and connect people to lawyers who are experts in their specific domains. Being a viable, inspiring platform for readers, LIG, within a short span of time, has made over 20,000 Facebook Fans who debate and discuss about issues that truly matter to them with passion and shared vision. The LIG content is the copyright of Lawisgreek.com. Besides simplifying law, there’s a lot more that lawisgreek.com does for you.

For laypersons, www.lawisgreek.com will connect you to accurate information on any category of law that you want to know about. You can stay in touch or ask questions to our legal experts, whose profiles and details are featured on the site itself.
Lawyers can use this opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences in the domain of law with laypersons and students. They can share their best practices, values and issues in the field of practice and get connected to laypersons and students who will add their perspectives to it too. These discussions on the site help to bridge the gap between lawyers and the people. It brings public visibility into a lawyer’s area of expertise and all the hard work that is done to reach there.

Students, in turn, can debate about topics they feel strongly about in forums, stay connected to legal issues that are popular and express their perspectives through comments or discussions on the site itself. By reading blogs and interacting with lawyers, the time spent on www.lawisgreek.com will help students understand the difference between theory and practice in the legal domain.

At LIG, we listen to every thing you want to say and change about the socio-legal system that exists today. Yes, together, we can initiate change because we recognize that these little things make a big difference. At www.lawisgreek.com, that’s what we do and that’s who we are